Meet the Author

Sarah Ward

Sarah Ward's debut book Our NICU Journey is now available. This book provides a story of strength and perseverance as a family braves through the NICU experience. The intent is to provide hope and encouragement for parents and caregivers of fragile newborns on their journey home.

The Ward family is no stranger to the NICU. All three of their children were admitted to the neonatal intensive care unit at birth and thankfully came home to grow and thrive. If you are looking for an inspiring way to document your child's journey or would like to introduce your local NICU to a wonderful keepsake program, please visit for more information.

How To Support A NICU Parent

Many loved ones want to support friends or family with a newborn in the NICU, but do not know what to say or do. Here are a few tips when supporting these fragile families:

Things NOT to say:

  • How did this happen?

  • When is your baby coming home?

  • At least you can rest before your baby comes home.

  • Your baby is so small/tiny.

  • Why won't you let me see/hold your baby?

Things TO say:

  • Congratulations!

  • Can I bring you a meal (be specific on date and time)

  • Do you need a ride to the hospital?

  • Can I help you with childcare (if siblings are home).

  • When you are ready I am available to watch your baby so you can take care of you.

Gift Ideas for NICU Parents

Books were our favorite gifts to receive in the NICU, but here are a few ideas for those searching for gifts:

  • Robes

  • Snacks

  • A Small Cooler

  • Tote bags

  • Restaurant Gift Cards

  • Gas Gift Card

  • Journals

  • Hand Sanitizer/Lotion

Try to be mindful of the family's house rules once baby does come home and remember that coming home from the NICU does not necessarily mean their journey to recovery is over. Many babies have multiple doctors appointments a week, therapies, or treatments needed long after their discharge from the hospital. Be patient and present to support your loved ones. Small acts of kindness go a long way and are appreciated more than you know.