Scheduled Events

Thank you to all who donated to make our Reading Through the NICU Holiday Book Drive a success!  We were able to donate books to three of our local hospital NICUs!

Previous Events


Join us as we celebrate NICU Awareness Month with our first Read-A-Thon September 18-24, 2022!  

Collaborative Events

Virtual 5K Run/Walk

We are so excited to support Praying Through ministries!  Anyone can join to raise awareness and funds for their outreach that helps families like ours! The run/walk can be done anywhere/anytime on May 14, 2022 and the cost is only the purchase of a shirt (which funds fully support a family in need).  For more information about Praying Through ministries or to sign up for the event please visit their website.

Giving Back Opportunities

Finding a place to connect, ask advice, and share your journey is important to coping with your experiences.  Here are some wonderful groups to consider when looking for a safe community to join, to support, or to inspire you to give back in your own way.

* If you have an opportunity others can join in on please let us know and we would be happy to share them with our NICU community.

Praying Through Ministries

This ministry is dedicated to supporting and encouraging men and women who are experiencing or previously experienced the NICU, PICU, and/or the loss of a child.

Welcome Preemie

Organization providing services, products, and support.  It is run by the founder, Shauna, who is a NICU nurse in Boston.

The Tiny Miracles Foundation

A non-profit organization dedicated to serving Fairfield and New Haven counties in CT

Project NICU

Dedicated to serving families in the NICU and the medical professionals who care for them.


Twiniversity provides education and resources to parents of twins. Whether you are expecting for the first time or are a seasoned parent, we’ve got you covered with relevant information about feeding, sleeping, baby gear, partner and parenting advice, and much more! 

Twins Trust

Twins Trust exists to provide twins, triplets or more - and their families - with the information needed to make informed decisions​, facilitate a network of community support​, ensure that our community’s unique needs are understood by the professionals who care for them and reflected in research, care standards and public policy.

Preemie World

Preemie World, LLC is a support group and educational forum founded by Deb Discenza, whose mission is to build a bridge between the parenting and professional worlds that surround premature infants. 

NICU Cheer

An Australian based organization whose goal is to bring some cheer on special days for parents of premature/sick babies in the NICU + Special Care Nursery & to let them know they're

not alone on this journey.

Mel Crochets Blog

This blog is filled with fun free tutorials to make beautiful modern day preemie and home essentials!

Preemies of the Carolinas

This group provides homemade items to children in the hospital through the Inspirational Heart Project.

The Isaiah Henry Legacy

This family turned the loss of a twin into something beautiful by giving back to NICU and bereaved parents.

The Potato Head Project

This loving group of women donate homemade items and Potato Head products to local NICU families.

Preemie Adventures

Preemie Adventures provides support for families using humor, social media interaction, and connecting with fellow NICU parents. This site includes links to NICU books, nonprofits, professional/peer support channels, and podcasts. 

Mark's Mission

Their mission is to improve health outcomes for infants and children and create family memories that last a lifetime. 

NICU Stories

NICU Stories, run by hostess Nakiea Wilkinson, is where inspiring triumphant stories of the NICU Journey are shared. 

NICU Resources

Neonatal Resources Podcast's mission is to provide listeners with a safe place to learn and grow in their neonatal practice. 

Fore Hadley

An Atlanta based foundation created in honor of Hadley to better support families affected by CDH and to help find a cure for this extremely serious, but relatively unknown birth defect. 

Keylen's Fight

Their mission is to assist families during their stay in the NICU and provide ongoing support to local NICU’s to ensure that each baby and family has the best possible experience during this difficult time. 

Small Beginnings

After experiencing the birth of their twins at 23 weeks this family is dedicated to being a resource to share hope to others during their darkest days.  Also check out their beautiful book From Small Beginnings.

Today Is A Good Day PA

A Pennsylvania based organization who's mission is to provide personal and financial support for families who experience the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU).

Graham's Foundation

 This Foundations was created to honor a lost twin, Graham, and to educate and inform preemie parents so they feel empowered and confident while they navigate the journey of prematurity 

Hand to Hold

Hand to Hold® is a national nonprofit 501(c)(3) that provides personalized emotional support, educational resources and community before, during and after a NICU stay.

Mother's Day Gift Bags

Giving back is such a beautiful way to show you care and help other's not feel alone.  This year we put our sewing skills to work and made Scent Hearts to include in our Mother's Day gift bags and dropped them off at our local NICU.  Giving back can be done in different ways.  Find something that gives you joy and share your gifts with those who need it most.